Best hair transplant in Bangalore

Hair transplantation is a surgical technique of restoring hair follicle from a donor site (from part of body) to a balding part called recipient site. It is a minimally invasive procedure. This modern hair transplantation technique gives  us a complete natural look.

Hair transplant procedures:

  1. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction): Here individual follicular units which contains about 1 to 4 hairs are removed using small punches which are between  the diameter of 0.6mm and 1.0mm. This can be done by giving  local anesthesia. Small micro blades are used by surgeon to puncture the sites and after receiving grafts it is placed in a proper pattern to get a natural and realistic look.
    No linear incision, does not leave any scars.
    This FUE technique should be done by experienced doctors to get the perfection and to avoid complications.
  1. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation): In this technique hair is transplanted in groups containing 1 to 4 hairs called follicular units which also contain glands, nerves and muscles. This allows surgeon to transplant more grafts in a single session.
    Maximizes the growth of hair transplant, ensure a natural look, easy .
Hair Transplantation

Are you a victim of hair loss? Do you have a bald head? Then don’t wait, here you have an opportunity to regain your hair and enjoy life again. Dr. ParthaSarathi s Asian Hair And Skin Hospitals a pioneer in hair transplant is here to help you. It offers the best hair transplant in Bangalore. The entire team is dedicated to the field of dermatology, cosmetology, trichology and aesthetic treatments.Now gorgeous and glamorous hair can be yours.

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PRP Therapy – Most Advanced Treatment For Hair Loss

Excellent hair adds some sort of personality to your picture and normally embellishes you. Every people will have a wish for beautiful, vibrant and healthy hair. But nowadays hair fall becomes a very common condition. It affects all people at any point of time in their lives. The reason behind hair fall may vary from person to person. Some diseases and low vitamin level may cause hair loss.

prp treatment in bangalore

Platelet-rich plasma therapy for hair is an exhilarating non-surgical treatment. In many patients, it significantly reduced the hair fall. This treatment is effective in increasing hair count, hair thickness, and the growth phase of the hair cycle. PRP therapy is a proactive therapeutic option for both men and women. Hair loss conditions can be treated completely in a natural procedure in platelet-rich plasma therapy. The result may vary from person to person.

Advantages of Platelet-rich plasma therapy

  • Safe
  • Non-surgical method
  • Comfortable
  • Painless
  • Cost-effective
  • Convenience

Hair Loss Treatment bangalore

What is Platelet-rich plasma therapy

The blood cells contain plasma, which contains platelet proteins. These growth factors are responsible for stimulating the production of new cells. Plasma in higher concentration can encourage increased tissue growth. In PRP therapy the doctor takes a sample blood and it is then treated in a centrifuge to get the enriched cells of platelets(PRP). This exceedingly concentrated platelet-rich plasma has fundamental growth proteins. This is injected into the scalp with a thin needle. Then the growth factors in the blood cells stimulate the natural hair growth. PRP is also being used with other hair transplant procedures or restoration surgery.

Best place for Platelet-rich plasma therapy

Dr. Parthasarathy Dutta Roy provides the best prp treatment in Bangalore and he is known as the best dermatologist Bangalore. He is the founder of Dr. Parthasarathy’s Asian Hair and Skin Clinic. Many doctors with various qualifications and different clinical skills are associated with this clinic, this makes it a multi-specialty clinic in Trichology.

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Rebound Your Skin With Best Vitiligo Treatment In Bangalore

Vitiligo is a disease that causes white patches of skin appear on different parts of the body. The pigment, Melanin determines the colour of hair and skin. The cells called melanocytes are responsible for the preparation of melanin. Vitiligo occurs when these melanocytes die or stop functioning. Vitiligo affects people with any skin types. The rate and extent of colour loss is unpredictable in vitiligo. It can also affect the eye, hair and mucous membranes(inside mouth). This condition is not life-threatening, but it may add more stress to the life.
vitiligo treatment in bangalore

Treatment for vitiligo

Treatment for vitiligo may restore colour to the affected skin. Phototherapy is effective in vitiligo treatment. It uses ointments and medicines also. Vitiligo Surgery becomes more popular nowadays. The goal of the vitiligo surgery is to give proper pigmentation. In this surgery, melanocytes are transferred to the body and the new skin color should cosmetically match the surrounding normal skin. The result depends upon patients condition. Not all types of skin support vitiligo surgery. Some factors are responsible for successful result.

The factors include:

  • The age of the patient
  • Disease stability
  • The proposed method of surgery
  • Demand of patient
  • Size of the patch
  • Location of the patch
  • The proposed method of surgery

Best vitiligo treatment in Bangalore :

Parthasarathy’s Asian Hair and Skin Clinic provide the best treatment for vitiligo. Dr.Parthasarathi Dutta Roy is a dedicated dermatologist, trichologist and the best cosmetologist in Bangalore. Under his guidance, the best cosmetology clinic provides the quality skin and hair treatments.
vitiligo surgery bangalore

Different Vitiligo surgeries

Surgical treatment transfers melanocytes from normal skin to the vitiligo affected skin. Recipient and donor sites are needed in this surgery. Melanocytes from the donor skin are grafted to the affected area of the recipient.

The surgery is mainly two types:

  • Tissue grafting
  • Cellular grafting

Grafting of melanocyte-rich tissue (tissue grafting)
In this method melanocyte, rich tissues are grafted in surgical method. Different tissue grafting methods are:

  • Miniature punch grafting
  • Suction blister grafting
  • Split-thickness skin grafting

Grafting of melanocyte cells (cellular grafting)
In this method, melanocyte cells are grafted. Different cellular grafting methods are:

  • Autologous non-cultured epidermal cell suspensions
  • Cultured melanocyte suspensions


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Regrow Your Lost Hair With Hair Regrowth Treatment

Hair loss, also known as alopecia or baldness, refers to a loss of hair from part of the head or body. However, losing up to 100 hairs a day is normal. But sometimes the hair loss extends this limit. With this kind of hair loss, you may end up with bald spots commonly found in men. In case of women, it is generally found that the hair on the top of the head slowly loses their thickness. Hair loss is a very common condition and affects most people at some point of time in their lives.



What Causes Hair Loss

There are many causes of hair loss. Some of them are,

  • Pregnancy – Hormonal changes associated with pregnancy, childbirth, discontinuing the use of birth control pills, and menopause can cause temporary hair loss.
  • Age – As you grow older you grow less hair. Hair also gets thinner and tends to break more easily as you age.
  • Stress – Which includes physical stress from surgery, illness, or high fever
  • Family History – In many cases, it is inherited, which means it’s passed down from one generation to another.
  • Alopecia Areata – Alopecia areata is a disease that causes hair to fall out in small patches. It develops when the immune system attacks the hair follicles, resulting in hair loss.
  • Hypothyroidism – In hypothyroidism, the gland’s hormone production slows. This, in turn, slows your metabolism, which can lead to hair loss.
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome – Millions of women suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome. One of the symptoms of this condition is hair loss on the scalp.

hair regrowth treatment

Hair Regrowth Treatment

The development of new treatments and its proven results after a few sessions has achieved the confidence of patients as the best hair loss treatments without the excessive use of medicines and drugs. The treatments which are in demand are:

  • Stem cell-based treatment
  • Hair transplant surgery (Hair grafting)
  • Laser hair growth treatment
  • Non –surgical hair replacement
  • Extreme laser comb
  • Scalp extension

Dr. ParthaSarathi’s Asian Hair & Skin Hospital in Bangalore have the perfect solution for Hair Loss. Dr. ParthaSarathi who is well known as the Best cosmetologist in Bangalore offers effective Hair Regrowth treatment in Bangalore at affordable cost with well-advanced technology.

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Bring The Glow Back With Skin Lightening Laser Treatment

Skin lightening is a cosmetic treatment that can lighten the dark patches of skin or provides a pale skin color. It is also known as skin bleaching. The treatment of skin lightening is used to improve the skin appearance where the skin has melisma (dark patches) and birthmarks. Skin lightening treatment helps to reduce the production of melanin pigment in the skin. Melanin pigment is responsible for providing skin its color and protects the body from the sunlight. Dr. Parthasarathy hospital has provided skin lightening treatment facility in Bangalore.


What techniques is skin lightening treatment use?

Skin lightening treatment uses some techniques to lighten the skin. They are
· Skin lightening creams
· Chemical peels
· Laser treatment

 Skin lightening procedure

Skin lightening treatment is a costly and a time-consuming process. Generally, skin lightening creams contain hydroquinone and/or corticosteroids such as hydrocortisone, which has a tendency to harm, skin so; it is recommended to use these creams only when prescribed by the doctor. Apart from that, many organic and natural ingredients containing products are also available in the market. They are not harmful but on the other side could not provide satisfactory results. Laser treatment for skin lightening is comparatively a result-oriented process and with no/ fewer side effects.

What is skin lightening laser treatment?


Skin lightening laser treatment is a laser treatment that is used to lighten the skin dark patches or blemishes. In the laser treatment, a laser light is used to eliminate the skin outer layer or to destroy the melanin-producing cells in the skin. Laser treatment is quite variable and can provide temporary skin lightening. The laser treatment can take several sessions and each session is of 30 minutes to one hour. The visible results of laser treatment can appear in six months.

What are the side effects of skin lightening treatment?

Skin lightening treatment has several side effects, such as
· Burning or stinging sensation on skin
· Skin inflammation and irritation
· Flaky or itchy skin
· Skin thinning
· Visibility of blood vessels in the skin
· Damage to liver, kidney or nerve tissues
· Possibility of having abnormal baby in pregnant ladies

Dr. Parthasarathy hospital, Bangalore is one of the best skin lightening treatment centers in Karnataka. The hospital has all the facilities to treat skin lightening procedures. The hospital has highly experienced and qualified skin specialists to provide right and economic treatment for the (2)

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Take Hair Loss Treatment to Stop Hair Falling Out

Hair Loss is one of the biggest problem faced by people nowadays, Many oils and shampoos are available in the market but it might not solve your problem completely. Hence Effective treatment should be taken in order to save your hair from Hair Loss.
Appearance is very important and is a gateway to personality No need to worry anymore…With the advent of new technologies due to the boom in cosmetic treatment, a lot of solutions are available.
Hair grows all over the human body and is produced by hair follicles which are indentations of the epidermis or outer layer skin. The epidermis contains the hair root and muscle attached to it. Many options are there to treat the hair fall. Some are PRP treatment, Bone marrow therapy, Mesotherapy and Low Light Laser Therapy.

These advanced hair loss treatments are available in Dr.Parthasarathi’s Asian Hair and Skin Centre, Bangalore.They provide evidence-based cost-effective accessible and compassionate quality treatment to the patient, who worry about hair loss. Dr.Parthasarathi’s Asian Hair and Skin Centre provide the best PRP treatment for hair fall.

PRP Treatment and Hair Restoration


Platelets in blood augment connective tissue growth and healing. Whenever a tissue injury happens, body delivers platelets to that area, then platelets initiate repair and attract stem cells to the injury. This is the basis of PRP treatment where injection of growth factors into damaged area stimulates the natural repair process. Concentrated platelets are separated from the blood cells to maximize the healing process. Blood is taken and centrifuged it to separate the platelets. The blood plasma rich in platelets are used for hair restoration treatment. The PRP is then injected directly into the scalp with a special needle. This has proven to be an effective treatment for hair growth.

Advantages of PRP treatment against hair loss

  • Safe and reliable results
  • Recovery is quick
  • Multiple injections: procedure lasting approximately 60 minutes
  • Natural looking end results

The concept behind Dr.Parthasarathi’s Asian Hair and Skin Centre is to create a world-class system without corporate middlemen and their culture of profit and greed.

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Keloids – Marring The Skin Perfection

Keloids are hard, smooth and benign growths that are formed due an excessive growth of scar tissues. Scar tissues are fibrous tissues that grow at the site of injury to repair and heal the wounds. These tissues in some cases continue to grow into smooth, benign growths, that are sometimes bigger than the wound itself.

Keloids are an aesthetic concern rather than a health concern. though they can grow on any part of the body, keloids are mainly found on cheeks, earlobes, shoulders and chests.


Risk Factors associated with keloids

  • A Latino, Asian or African heritage.
  • Pregnancy
  • An age lower than 30 years.

Causes of keloids

Keloid scarring is mainly caused due to an injury or skin aberration caused due to diseases like chicken box, surgical incisions, acne scars, vaccinations sites, scratches, ear piercing, burns and so on.

About 10% of the global population are known to have keloid growths with a prominence in black skinned people. They occur in both men and women. A hereditary factor is also linked to the cause of keloids. It would be advisable for people with a history of keloids in family to avoid piercings and tattoos.

Symptoms of keloids

Keloid symptoms include a particular patch of itchy skin, a lumpy skin area which grows with scar tissue, a locally discoloured skin patch which appears red, pink or flesh coloured. If the symptoms continue to grow causing discomfort, a doctor’s help is advisable.

Treatment for keloids

The treatment for keloids include the following: –

  • Cortico-steroid injection – helps in reducing the inflammation
  • Moisturising oils – helps in softening the scar tissue
  • Cryotherapy – freezing the skin area to kill the skin cells and effectively inhibit its growth.
  • Laser treatment – helps in reducing the scar tissue
  • Radiation – helps to shrink the keloids

Imiquimod creams are applied on incision scars after surgery to prevent the growth of keloids.

Dr. Parthasarathy’s Asian Hair and Skin Hospital, the best skin clinic in Bangalore provides various treatments for skin disorders.

Keloids treatment bangalore

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Get Rid of the Unwanted Tattoo

Not everyone who gets a tattoo is happy about the decision after a few years. As many as 25% of those with a tattoo say they regret getting it. There are tattoo removal techniques that can get rid of unwanted tattoos with minimal side effects.
Laser Treatment is the Way to Go
Laser treatment is often safer than many other tattoo removal methods, such as dermabrasion, excision or salabrasion because laser treatment selectively treats the pigment in the tattoo. There are very few side effects to laser tattoo removal. Tattoo Removal in Bangalore is done effectively by Dr.Parthasarathi Dutta Roy, the best dermatologist in India.

tatoo-removal bangalore
How It Works

Lasers use a high-intensity light beam to remove tattoos by breaking up the pigment colours. The first step is to schedule a consultation with a trained professional who can evaluate tattoos and advise the necessary process. The number of treatments needed will depend on the age, size, and colour of the tattoo.

Typical Steps for Tattoo Removal:
1. You’ll be given a pair of protective eye shields.
2. The technician will test your skin’s reaction to the laser to determine the most effective energy for treatment.
3. The technician uses the laser to pass pulses of intense light through the top layers of your skin that will be absorbed by the tattoo pigment only.

Smaller tattoos will require fewer pulses only while larger ones will need more to remove them. In either case, to completely get rid of a tattoo, it will take several treatments. After each visit, your tattoo should become progressively lighter.
Immediately following the treatment, use an ice pack to soothe the treated area. And apply an antibiotic cream or ointment and bandage to protect it. You should also be sure it’s covered with sunblock when you’re outside.

Dr. Parthasarathy’s Asian Hair and Skin Hospital is one of the best skin clinic which provides the best tatoo removal treatment in Bangalore at an affordable cost.

Laser Tatoo Removal bangalore

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Get Complete Solution To Your Hair Loss

A thick, black shiny hair is what everyone wants . But all will not be fortunate enough for that. New technological advancements in the field of medical science  offer better hair loss treatments to patients. Dr. Parthasarathi’s Asian Hair and Skin Hospital offers Best Hair Loss Treatment in Bangalore

Hair loss also called alopecia or baldness characterized by the loss of hair from head or any part of the body. Hair is the protein strand develops from the follicles of dermis or skin. Hair is made up of a protein called keratin. The major types of hair loss are male pattern hair loss, female pattern hair loss, alopecia areata and Astelogen effluvium.


Around 35 million men and 21 million around the world suffer from chronic hair loss. Generally, it begins at the age of 35 and increases as the years pass by. Scientific research suggests that it will double in the coming decades.  The  major causes of hair loss are :

  • Male pattern baldness
  • Infections like fungal or Folliculitis
  • Powerful medicines for diseases like B.P, diabetes, heart disease or cholesterol
  • Trauma
  • Pregnancy
  • Hyperthyroidism

Treatment procedure for hair loss:

Doctors conduct various tests like the pull test, pluck test, scalp biopsy, daily hair counts and trichoscopy to find the intensity of hair loss. The treatment of hair loss includes a combination of medications, surgery etc. The hospital offers following hair loss treatments :

  • Stem cell-based treatment
  • Hair transplant surgery (Hair grafting)
  • Laser hair growth treatment
  • Non –surgical hair replacement
  • Extreme laser comb and
  • Scalp extension

Dr. Parthasarathy’s Hair and Skin Hospital offers finest   Hair Loss Treatment in Bangalore. The name and fame is a result of the dedication and hard work   he  has shown towards his profession. 


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Stay Beautiful Through Laser Hair Reduction Treatment

Nowadays the concept of beauty allures both men and women. Having greater spending capacity they are ready to go any length to stay beautiful. Dr. Parthasarathi’s Asian Hair and Skin Hospital provides affordable Laser Hair Reduction in Bangalore. One session of under arms and upper lips cost just Rs. 49.


Screenshot from 2016-08-26 17:19:16In laser hair reduction process, a stream of light called intense pulsating light is used to destroy the hair follicles. Usually doctors use low energy beams otherwise it cause severe skin problems. Diode and Nd: YAG Laser is the two main types of Laser Hair Removal process. Doctor’s take into account skin type and texture before the treatment otherwise it may lead to scarring, itching , discolouration, wrinkles etc.

Started in the year 2014 by Dr. Parthasarathi, Asian Hair and Skin Hospital   became a much sought after hospital  in Bangalore within a short span of time. Dr.Parthasarathi is the best Dermatologist and Cosmetologist in Bangalore. Hair care treatments, Skin and cosmetic Skin Care treatments , Anti aging treatments, Cosmetic and Plastic surgeries are the major treatments offered in the hospital.


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