Bring The Glow Back With Skin Lightening Laser Treatment

Skin lightening is a cosmetic treatment that can lighten the dark patches of skin or provides a pale skin color. It is also known as skin bleaching. The treatment of skin lightening is used to improve the skin appearance where the skin has melisma (dark patches) and birthmarks. Skin lightening treatment helps to reduce the production of melanin pigment in the skin. Melanin pigment is responsible for providing skin its color and protects the body from the sunlight. Dr. Parthasarathy hospital has provided skin lightening treatment facility in Bangalore.


What techniques is skin lightening treatment use?

Skin lightening treatment uses some techniques to lighten the skin. They are
· Skin lightening creams
· Chemical peels
· Laser treatment

 Skin lightening procedure

Skin lightening treatment is a costly and a time-consuming process. Generally, skin lightening creams contain hydroquinone and/or corticosteroids such as hydrocortisone, which has a tendency to harm, skin so; it is recommended to use these creams only when prescribed by the doctor. Apart from that, many organic and natural ingredients containing products are also available in the market. They are not harmful but on the other side could not provide satisfactory results. Laser treatment for skin lightening is comparatively a result-oriented process and with no/ fewer side effects.

What is skin lightening laser treatment?


Skin lightening laser treatment is a laser treatment that is used to lighten the skin dark patches or blemishes. In the laser treatment, a laser light is used to eliminate the skin outer layer or to destroy the melanin-producing cells in the skin. Laser treatment is quite variable and can provide temporary skin lightening. The laser treatment can take several sessions and each session is of 30 minutes to one hour. The visible results of laser treatment can appear in six months.

What are the side effects of skin lightening treatment?

Skin lightening treatment has several side effects, such as
· Burning or stinging sensation on skin
· Skin inflammation and irritation
· Flaky or itchy skin
· Skin thinning
· Visibility of blood vessels in the skin
· Damage to liver, kidney or nerve tissues
· Possibility of having abnormal baby in pregnant ladies

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