Stay Beautiful Through Laser Hair Reduction Treatment

Nowadays the concept of beauty allures both men and women. Having greater spending capacity they are ready to go any length to stay beautiful. Dr. Parthasarathi’s Asian Hair and Skin Hospital provides affordable Laser Hair Reduction in Bangalore. One session of under arms and upper lips cost just Rs. 49.


Screenshot from 2016-08-26 17:19:16In laser hair reduction process, a stream of light called intense pulsating light is used to destroy the hair follicles. Usually doctors use low energy beams otherwise it cause severe skin problems. Diode and Nd: YAG Laser is the two main types of Laser Hair Removal process. Doctor’s take into account skin type and texture before the treatment otherwise it may lead to scarring, itching , discolouration, wrinkles etc.

Started in the year 2014 by Dr. Parthasarathi, Asian Hair and Skin Hospital   became a much sought after hospital  in Bangalore within a short span of time. Dr.Parthasarathi is the best Dermatologist and Cosmetologist in Bangalore. Hair care treatments, Skin and cosmetic Skin Care treatments , Anti aging treatments, Cosmetic and Plastic surgeries are the major treatments offered in the hospital.


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