Keloids – Marring The Skin Perfection

Keloids are hard, smooth and benign growths that are formed due an excessive growth of scar tissues. Scar tissues are fibrous tissues that grow at the site of injury to repair and heal the wounds. These tissues in some cases continue to grow into smooth, benign growths, that are sometimes bigger than the wound itself.

Keloids are an aesthetic concern rather than a health concern. though they can grow on any part of the body, keloids are mainly found on cheeks, earlobes, shoulders and chests.


Risk Factors associated with keloids

  • A Latino, Asian or African heritage.
  • Pregnancy
  • An age lower than 30 years.

Causes of keloids

Keloid scarring is mainly caused due to an injury or skin aberration caused due to diseases like chicken box, surgical incisions, acne scars, vaccinations sites, scratches, ear piercing, burns and so on.

About 10% of the global population are known to have keloid growths with a prominence in black skinned people. They occur in both men and women. A hereditary factor is also linked to the cause of keloids. It would be advisable for people with a history of keloids in family to avoid piercings and tattoos.

Symptoms of keloids

Keloid symptoms include a particular patch of itchy skin, a lumpy skin area which grows with scar tissue, a locally discoloured skin patch which appears red, pink or flesh coloured. If the symptoms continue to grow causing discomfort, a doctor’s help is advisable.

Treatment for keloids

The treatment for keloids include the following: –

  • Cortico-steroid injection – helps in reducing the inflammation
  • Moisturising oils – helps in softening the scar tissue
  • Cryotherapy – freezing the skin area to kill the skin cells and effectively inhibit its growth.
  • Laser treatment – helps in reducing the scar tissue
  • Radiation – helps to shrink the keloids

Imiquimod creams are applied on incision scars after surgery to prevent the growth of keloids.

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