Body Contouring with Thermage

Body contouring is an art of making attractive and appealing body and figure. It is medically termed as liposuction and liposculpture performed by expert cosmetic surgeons. The surgeons add radiofrequency technology for heating the collagen presents in the deep layer of the skin. Through this heating process the existing collagen becomes thicken and helps to form new collagen in the skin. Gradually the sagginess of the skin is reduced and patients get firm and tighten layer.

Characteristics of Body Contouring with Thermage

  • It must be remembered that body contouring is similar to traditional liposuction. Liposuction is not a matter of jokes and has enough risks in it. But when it comes with thermage, it becomes more convenient as it doesn’t require surgery and anesthesia. It is done through laser heat.
  • Sometimes only body contouring can’t be 100% perfect. But if thermage is administered with this process the result will be satisfactory.
  • The noninvasive body contouring with thermage is very popular among the celebrities for traditional face lifting along with perfect tummy, buttocks, arms and hips without any side effects.
  • As body contouring needs general anesthesia and surgery it takes long time of periods for fully recovering. But when this process joins with thermage it becomes very rapid and hassle free.
  • As the body contouring like lipoplasty is surgical procedure and incision is a part of it, so it is needless to say that there is no doubt that it will be panicky and painful. But thermage is completely pain free treatment for anti ageing.

However, the patients of body contouring with thermage can return their normal leading of life and office post day of the treatment. If some blemishes of laser heat persist, it will be clear surely within a week.