Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

Being beautiful and charming is very important in every stage of today’s life. Most of people become upset for not having attractive physical structure, nose alignment, slim physic and many more. But medical science creates revolution for establishing two significant surgeries named cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery. These are very helpful for treating any kinds of physical disorders.

Effectiveness of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

Through cosmetic surgery anybody can change their facial or body structure as per their will and wish. Plus from aging lines to wrinkles can also be reduced through the method of cosmetic surgery.

Plastic Surgery is basically used for reconstructing the facial or body features. Any kind of birth defects, injury imperfection and disease features can beautifully be repaired by plastic surgery.

Features of Cosmetic Surgery

Two types of cosmetic surgery are categorized in medical science – addition and deletion. Through cosmetic surgery with collagen injection something can be added for giving proper shape and size of the body parts if one is not satisfied with their original parts, size and shape of the body. Breast augmentation and lips plumping are the best examples. Alternatively excess mass on some parts looks ugly; the cosmetic surgery helps to delete the volume to give the perfect shape.

Procedures of Plastic Surgery:

Many procedures can be performed through plastic surgery. Here are some most popular procedures which are remarkably possible to treat are described below:

  •  Breast Augmentation: The women having small breast can get beautiful and attractive big breasts through breast augmentation procedure of plastic surgery.

  •  Rhinoplasty: Defect of nose can be treated through rhinoplasty.

  •  Blepharoplasty: To redesign and shape of the eye lids, blepharoplasty is just incomparable plastic surgery.

  •  Liposuction: Excess fat is cut down through liposuction procedure, for giving an attractive body structure.

  •  Gynecomastia: There are many adult males who feel embarrassed about their benign enlargement of breasts. And however this is a very serious issue and much tensed situation for males..

  •  Scar revision Scars are the visible spots which remain after a wound has been healed and its development can be unpredictable. .

  •  Tummy Tuck: Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery which helps in making abdomen more firm and thinner.

  •  Double Chin: Defect of nose can be treated through rhinoplasty.

  •  Breast Reduction: Breast reduction which is also referred as reduction mammaplasty, it is basically a plastic surgery for reducing the size of large breasts.

  •  Shaping-Breast Lift: Breast lift has number of benefits which not only improved the shape of breasts but you will get more youthful appearance after breast lift.

  •  Breast Enlargement: Breast lift has number of benefits which not only improved the shape of breasts but you will get more youthful appearance after breast lift.

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