Cryotherapy for Warts, Corns, Callosity

Cryotherapy is a very well known surgery which is carried out in hospital and beauty clinics. It is done basically for treating warts, corns and callosity. It is the gentle procedure in which liquid nitrogen is applied to person wart for few minute till it freezes. However cryotherapy can be very painful, but the pain lasts for short period of time only. This is the perfect treatment if you have wart on your face. Similarly cryotherapy helps to deal with corns and callosity also. Let us read more about these in detail.

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What is a corn?

A corn is basically a localised area of tightened and thickened skin which may occur at locations of rubbing and pressure. They are found in balls of the feet, but the corns which are very hard usually occur on dry aspects of the foot and soft corns are founded between human toes. Cryotherapy is best treatment to treat this and help your skin to get a new beginning.

About callosity

Callosity which is also known as callus generally means an area of hard skin, dead skin up to an inch wide on soles of the feet and it might be an area of palms of the hand-.callosity generally occurs on hands, feet or any area which subject to friction.

About wart

Wart are basically caused by viral infection which resembles a small solid blister, it usually develops on hands or feet and might takes place in an area of broken skin. Cryotherapy appears to be a most effective treatment as due to its salicylic acid. Cryotherapy is a perfect treatment which generally takes 10-15 minutes maximum and hence it has some benefits as well as side effects also which should also be considered before preferring this treatment like your skin might become darker, painful and blistering. And one thing to be noticed is cryotherapy is not recommended for children.

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