Double Chin

A double chin is a layer of subcutaneous fat that creates a wrinkle around the neck giving a person a second chin. Even if you take balanced diet and regular exercise, this facial fat never seems to disappear making you look ugly. So, a double chin surgery seems to be a good solution to the problem.

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How is the surgery to remove a double chin done?

A cosmetic surgeon would ask you some questions before you get your chin surgically changed. Then he would fix an appointment with you and using local anesthesia would remove the fat from under your chin after making a small horizontal cut. Then he makes a vertical incision between the neck and the jaw muscles. To shorten and tighten the muscle layer, he sews the edges.

Benefits of surgery

  •  Patient recovers faster as local anesthesia is used.
  •  Your chin looks natural after the surgery and changes your facial beauty.

Process to Get Rid of Double Chin:

If the double chin problem is eradicated the extra layer of fat can’t be highlighted publicly. So go through the below mentioned five significant processes through which it can be uprooted.

  •  Massaging
  •  Diet Control
  •  Exercise
  •  Drink Water
  •  Posture Improvement

Home remedies for removal are present. They include drinking lots of water, eating healthy, getting adequate sleep and exercising. Chin exercises also help.

A double chin surgery should be performed by a well experienced cosmetic surgeon. The cost is affordable as local anesthesia is given. The pain after surgery is very minor and the marks go off in few days. All you have to do is keep the fat in your body less so that you do not get a double chin again. As almost all people of today have enough money so double chin can be rectified by proper treatment.

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