Facial Rejuvenation with Fruit peels

Nowadays, the skin peeling treatments to treat certain skin conditions and problems is considered to be more effective and useful. As peeling process is mainly to reduce ageing process, pigmentation, Acne Scars and other skin problems, it produces an amazing outcome and gives your skin the lost look

What is the need of a fruit peel?

The over exposure of the skin to the sun requires fruit peel as it helps to regain a softer, healthier and smoother skin again without any side effects. Unattractive Pigmentation, acne scars, age spots and other discoloration are treated effectively with the fruit peel.

What are the results expected from the facial peel?

The first and the foremost purpose of the peeling session are to rejuvenate the Facial skin and feel fresh of the treatment. If you are looking ahead to transform your dull looking skin into the healthier skin, then peel all the dull skin of the years and feel differently with suppleness, elasticity and firmness. For sure you are going to notice the changes in your lovely skin with reduction of wrinkles, lines, spots and pigmentation. The most wonderful act of the facial rejuvenation peeling process is it gives a lightened skin in less time.

How does facial rejuvenation work?

It treats the whole face and removes the outer layers of the damaged skin cells to present rejuvenated, fresh and new skin. With deeper fruit peels, new skin is formed as the fruit acids stimulates the skin to produce additional natural collagen that helps to fill in the fine lines, wrinkles and scars for a softer, uniform and smooth skin.

How is the treatment started?

Initially, a series of peels are performed with the use of a glycolic acid. Peels vary from mild to deep and 20-70% in strength based upon the existing condition of the skin and the desired results. In general, 6 peels are performed in three months and another peel after 4-6 months as per the clinical indication.

Feel more beautiful and confident than before by facial rejuvenation with fruit peels by expert dermatologist.

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