Meso-Therapy For Stopping Hair Fall & New Growth

Hair fall is a severe problem faced by persons of every age and is considered as crucial to treat it and stop the hair loss. As there are many treatments, therapies and medicines available, the best on demand now is Mesotheraphy, considered as ideal to fight for the hair loss and thinning problem with a rapid, relatively painless and non surgical method. Basically, this treatment is performed with scalp roller without letting to feel the painful injection and additionally a special solution is applied into the patient’s scalp.

When are the results found?

After 3 to 4 treatment sessions, it is easy to view the results as the hair follicles turn stronger, circulation of the blood, improves to stimulate the hair growth and over all the structure of the hair is improved to a certain extent. Well, it is observed to be stronger, glossier and more flexible. The main act of Mesotherapy is that, it replaces the vitamins and minerals, which gets vanish from the body due to the aging process. The medicines used in the treatment make an increase in the blood circulation mainly in the scalp area and then stimulates the hair follicles for better growth.

Method of action of the therapy

Mesotherapy utilizes both chemical and physical stimulation and small doses of different medication are applied on certain area based upon the condition to be treated. The medicines act like a bullet and directly target the body.

  •  Mechanical method
    The needle is used to create micro perforations that encourage the healing process and the posttraumatic response of the organism is to produce elastin and collagen which are the main building blocks of the skin.
  •  Chemical method
    The injected ingredients stimulate the organism. For example, if the blood circulation is poor, vasodilator is applied and if excessive inflammation is present, an anti inflammatory medication is applied for hair growth.

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