The surgical procedure rhinoplasty helps in proper shaping and sizing of nose through plastic surgery. It is needless to say that nose plays important role to enhance one’s beauty. So rhinoplasty is quite popular in today’s era. Besides the advancement of medical science, rhinoplasty achieved second position among varieties of plastic surgery in 2006 and according to the survey of American Society of Plastic Surgeons that year more than 3lacs of nose surgery was done.

Types of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is mainly categorized in two significant types Open Rhinoplasty and Closed Rhinoplasty. Except the types, this surgical procedure has some considerations that should be followed for avoiding complications. The perfect age of rhinoplasty should be above 15 years for both boys and girls. However, some needs open surgery or some needs closed, it actually depends of defection and problem.

  •  Open Rhinoplasty: Basically the outside portion of the nose is surgically opened by professional surgeons in open rhinoplasty. Open surgery is not very accepted as it creates visible scars after surgery. The chances of pain are little bit more than closed one.
  •  Closed Rhinoplasty: The expert surgeon do this operation inside the nose to correct the deformities of the patients. It is needless to say that due to inside nasal anatomy, there is no chance to form any visible scars and it is quite popular rhinoplasty among the modern people. The risk of pain is almost nil in this surgery.

Post Operative Caring:

It should be always remembered that it is a surgery, so patient must feel discomfort first one or two days initially. But cold compress is recommended to ease the irritations and tenderness. If the patients have glasses, they feel better if they use contact lenses in the place of spectacles just after the initially periods of nasal anatomy.

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