Treatment for Hair Loss & New Hair Growth

Hair loss is common at present and is affecting nearly 30 -50 million men and women in the United States from which a few are able to cope with the hair loss with leading and safe hair loss treatments. Today’s shiny and thick hair; gone tomorrow. Growth of hair again and very soon! This is what happens generally in men and women. Thanks to the hair loss treatments which are in demand today due to lots of revolution in the biology and science. For the last few years, the industry of hair care and hair loss treatments is booming due to lot of invention and therapies which have made people feel confident of regaining the lost hair with new growth and be confident once again.



What are the top and result proven treatments for hair loss?

The development of new treatments and its proven results after a few sessions has achieved the confidence of patients as the best hair loss treatments without the excessive use of medicines and drugs. The treatments which are in demand are:

  • Stem cell based treatment
  • Hair transplant surgery (Hair grafting)
  • Laser hair growth treatment
  • Non –surgical hair replacement
  • Extreme laser comb and
  • Scalp extension


Diagnose the problem before treating

These treatments are best for men as most of the baldness happens in men and hair is taken from the back of the head and replaced in the scalp areas. Before going to any of the above treatments, it is essential to diagnose the reason for hair loss and then prefer the medical treatment. If there is no reason for the hair loss, then you can opt for the treatments like surgery, medication, grooming methods, hairpieces and wigs. For sure, when the treatments begin to work, they work and it is the evidence that it worth’s it.